"My Queen and Natural Heir" By Jirbaud

11:51 AM

Someone I follow on Twitter shared this poem with me and I absolutely loved it. Many natural hair ladies feel like "our" men, you know the ones that look like us, don't appreciate our textures. I sometimes feel like my husband is the only one lol! But this poem is like a breath of fresh. Thank you Jirbaud :-)

My Queen and Natural Heir

Not to knock weave but I have my preference
This natural hair possesses such an essence
The way it’s meant to be. Growth from Adolescence
An expression; unique, be you no pressure
Personality shown throughout the texture
Grow into the style that last forever
Straight, loc-ed, curly, braided or bald
Wake up what to do? Problem solved
Styled simply yet appears so intricately involved
Naturally yours from root to end
No receipt, cant take it back or share with a friend
No glue no burns, chasing a trend
a wig? a bang? nikki minaj?
Naturally you, self-Identified
let me play in it, scalp massage
Pullin on tracks? “no you cant”
Soft to the touch, a visual stimulant
I love it, that’s a fact
Your natural look is my AFROdisiac
To read more of his work please visit his blog http://jirbaud.blogspot.com/ or follow him on Twitter http://twitter.com/jirbaud.

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