Hair Diary: Dawn S.

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When and why did you decide to go natural?

This is my second time going natural.  The first time I was at Hampton University in 1994/5, I was in a school play.  I did not have time (nor the resources) to perm my hair and my boyfriend at the time encouraged me to go natural.  When I came home that summer, my sister and I went to the salon, I told my mom I wanted to cut my hair off.  I have always been the “crazy twin” so she let me do my thing, but she did not want me to cut it all off, because I had the “good” aka more manageable hair out of her girls.  I had about 3 inches of hair left on my head.  I was not pleased with the length, believe it or not…I wanted it SHORTER.  I went home and my brother ran to me all excited “Dawn! I heard you were going to …” His face dropped “you look the same to me. Booo… AND your haircut is bad.”  He took me to a barbershop to get it fixed and I never stepped into a salon for 7 years.  Then I met a boy.  I grew my hair out (still natural) but kept it in braids.  My hair was CRAZY long!  Then I began was looking for another job and my sister said I could not go on interviews with natural hair, so I permed it!  About 4 years later I went natural again. Permed hair is just not for me.  It has been natural since 2006.

Were your friends and family supportive of your decision?  If not, how were you able to move forward?

My mom and dad had no words.  I was daddy’s little girl so he was happy I was happy.  Everyone was supportive!  My Aunt cut her hair down, second cousin and grandmother also did the BC and they all sport a TWA.  So funny, when I permed my hair years later, they were giving me the poo poo face.  The people who were not supportive were the bruthas at Hampton when I came back.  My crushes had vanished, strangers would tell me to grow my hair out, that I looked prettier permed.  Even now – my biggest poo pooers are African American males.  But I had  a dude who thought I was amazing.  If I was having a bad day, he would say “Dawn, you do not like your chin?  Well go to bed and wish it away, dream about a better chin and pray and hope tomorrow you will look different. Guess what?  You will look just as God made you no matter how hard you wish not to.  Embrace it because you are beautiful and you are not going to change.  So start loving yourself now because you are going to be this way forever.  If anyone was supposed to look differently, then God would have made them that way.”  And you know what?  He was right.  No matter how hard you wish – you are you.  So LOVE every part of what was given to you.  So when I heard/hear negative things I would say to them “I did not cut my hair for you.  I will not change my hair for you.”  I am my hair.  You know why?  Because it is MINE, I love it and my hair is ME!  The minute I tell them why I did something to my hair is the minute their opinion matters.

What is your current hair routine?

Welp – I rarely pull my hair back.  When I do, I do not gel it down or brush it back wet.  I will use bands to pull it back – but that is it.  Those baby hairs on m’edges are m’babies!  I would rock those follicles to sleep if I could!  Every Sunday my hubby knows mama gots ta be home by 3pm cuz it is Deep Conditioning day!  I co-wash with a Suave conditioner, (coconut or lavender), then I DC with a mix of: Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Coconut oil, avocado oil, Shea and a bit of Dark and Lovely conditioner.  Put that sucker in my hair, detangle, make about five 2-strands, put it all under a plastic cap and let the juices flow for at least 3 hours.  My hubby gets 3 hours of sexy Dawn vacuuming the floor with a towel round her neck.  Awww yeah!!  I wash out the hair and 2 strand  with shea, coconut oil and DevaCare leave in conditioner.  Once a month I will throw in some protein.  I love protective styles. Once I started wearing the 2 strands till Thursday, then let it out Friday and the weekend.  My hair has grown like a weed.  A Happy, Nappy Weed!  Oh – and no heat.  Never heat.  That started this year though.  I found I can definitely live without it too.

What are your hair goals and what steps are you taking to achieve them?

Long, healthy and bushy.  One day at work I had my 2 strands in and by the end of the day, I raked them out a bit with my fingers.  My white co worker gave me a double take, she said “your hair is different, isn’t it?“  I told her what I did and she said “It is soo pretty!!”  I laughed, tossed my now fro back and gave it a shake. *Cuz my hair was looking fly*  The steps to achieve my goal?....No color, no heat, DC, protective styles and no pull backs.

I am going to Mexico in June and will have my hair cornrowed, I'm scared about my hair getting pulled though. Perhaps it shall be a one time thang. *raises eyebrow at self*

What are your favorite hair products?

Virgin Olive oil, Virgin coconut oil and shea.  My rule is: if a product reads “keep away from eyes”, Do Not put it on your skull… and yes…I am too lazy to read.

What is your definition of "Good Hair"?

Good hair is hair done right.  Permed, flat, curly or thick – if that woman loves it and wears it proudly… That is some good hur right thur!!

I love your sense of humor sis, thank you so much for sharing :-) -KKQ

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