Poll: Are You Offended By The Term "Nappy"?

4:34 PM

Nappy is a word that has been used forever to describe Afirican American hair or highly textured hair. Often times it's used said in a negative way to mean that the hair is bad or unmanageable.  I personally don't have a problem with the term, my hair is nappy!  By definition "nappy" means tightly curled or coiled (hair).  My hair texture is that in a nutshell and I'm fine with it.   However, my problem with the nappy is not it's meaning or who is saying it, but the way that it's used.  So...are you offended?

  • Yes (118 votes)
  • No (114 votes)
  • Depends On Who Says It (66 votes)
  • Depends On How It's Used (283 votes)

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