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Soooo I've been getting a tons of messages on YouTube, from my AWESOME subbies, asking me when the heck am I gonna make a new video.  Well to tell the truth I don't know when I'll record a new.  Recording and editing videos is very time consuming.  I have a crappy camera that only records up to 5 minutes, so I have to constantly stop, transfer to computer, erase from camera and record the next clip.  That's a lot of work right!!  Soooo in the meantime check out some these beautiful and informative YouTubers that I like to watch in my downtime.  Enjoy :-)

LeoBody C5

Chiselle Couture

Nikii Dior

Sexii Sugar Shelly

Really Now 72 (Just Be)

Jaybby 04

Pretty Dimples 01

Lia 81

Shida Natural


These are just a few names ...Trust me the list goes on.  Make sure you rate, comment and subscribe to these ladies for taking the time out of their day to share a few moments with you.

 Who are some of your favorite YouTubers ??!!??

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