Solange for Samantha Thavasa

10:31 AM

Solange looking GORGEOUS in Japan this past weekend promoting for Samantha Thavasa's Disney Collection.  I'm happy to see she finally wore her cut at a major event and didn't just hide it under a wig forever.  The cut really shows off her features beautifully.  Go Solange!!  Samantha Thavasa is a  Japanese fashion company, primarily famous for their popular handbags.  In Japan, the company has over 130 retail stores.  And in late 2006 they opened their first store in the U.S. in New York City.

Big sister Beyonce was there doing her promotional duties as well.

Okay enough about the hair, check out Solo's shoes....HOT!!!


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8 People Obsessing!

  1. Love the hair, Love the shoes!...Her fade is gorgeous and it fits her face.

  2. Now what are we gon do about her sister?? She needs to ditch those weaves and wigs too...

  3. Gorgeous! Soooo happy she's rocking it!

  4. I love th hair! She is truly beautiful! out 'B'! Beyonce' aint ready!

  5. This is the best Solange has looked... EVER!

  6. The hair is sooo cute and I'm in love with the shoes!! WORK IT SOLO!.....LOL

  7. This look is great for her, she has such a beautiful face! She is no longer just B's sister, she has a style of her own...

  8. She does look beautiful here!


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