Chris Rock's "Good Hair"

10:12 AM

I'm sure most of you have heard already that comedian Chris Rock is coming out with a documentary titled "Good Hair".  This film is supposed to expose what it the term "good hair" means to those in the African American community and our obsession with relaxing our hair.  The film also exposes what other races think about our hair.  Judging by the trailer below it looks like it will be hilarious take on a very serious issue in our community.  Issues that have affect most, if not all, African American women at some point in their lives.  Good luck to Chris Rock and those behind the scenes who helped him make a film like this possible.

Thoughts ??!!??

P.S. Al Sharpton know he wrong...LMBO...Fun Times!

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  1. It is really aweful that we have been lead to believe that, what God blessed us with isnt good enough! I feel like I was reborn and enlightened on 04/18/09(Big Chop Day). I was weave and relaxer addicted, now that I'm clean , there is no looking back!!!! : ) YAY ME

  2. Yay Anonymous!! I big chopped 7-19-09. My scalp is still goin through withdrawl tho. That Creamy Crack will get u. Those hairdressers will make u feel like if you dont use the relaxer, you will be bald or never be beautiful! I will never go back to that feeling of fear that my hair will fall out if I dont have my "fix"

  3. I can't wait for this movie to come out. I just BC'd last week 7-25-09 and everyday I love it more and more!

  4. I can't wait for this to come out! Al is crazy! lol!

    Congrats to everyone who BC'd!!!

  5. HAHAHAAAA!!! I can not WAIT to watch this. I'm gonna drag all of my little cousins and aunts and every woman I know that refuses to wear her natural hair because it "looks like I'm straight off the boat from africa" or who claims their hair is like a brillo pad to see this. I BC'd June 9th, and I can't keep my hands out of my hair. I wish I would've went natural sooner.

  6. I am excited as well :) I recently completed my second big chop on July 24, 2009! Hopefully this documentary will open the eyes of a lot of women and help them realize how harmful it is to process your hair, just to be considered "beautiful".


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