Shingai Shoniwa of The Noisettes

9:57 AM

Meet Shingai (pronounced Shing-eee) Shoniwa, vocalist and bassit for the UK indie rock band The Noisettes.  Shingai, which means 'perservere' in the Southern African Shona language, was born in 1981 of English and Zimbabwean descent.  Last night I was flipping the channels on my television and The Noisettes video "I'll Never Forget You" was on and I could not take my eyes off Shingai.  The clothes, the music, her voice and of course the big hair....So cool.  The band also consists of guitarist Dan Smith and drummer Jamie Morrison.  To learn more about their music please visit the official website

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4 People Obsessing!

  1. I've never actually heard indie rock before, but I really like it.

  2. i like this.. :)
    she reminds me of janelle monaé

  3. thank u so much for posting this.
    it's My new favorite song.


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