Who Taught You To Hate Yourself?

12:18 PM


Your Thoughts ??!!??

Thanks to Saedwards20 for the video link :-)

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  1. wonderful! I am passing along to all I know, especially my daughter (8). We love her natural kinky hair and please stop asking my baby when it will get relaxed : )

  2. I tear up when the child was identifying with the white doll everything was superior than the black doll. As a child I loved playing with barbies, but I never had that problem of wanting to be that way. My parents always had my hair natural in small twists and whenever I asked to wearing it out like I do now they would tell me "No, you're not white". I never experienced feeling ashamed of who I am, but I know there are many children who do. I hope when we as people understand our own unique beauty then all other races won't be able to tell us otherwise.

  3. You really do have to ponder on the question?? Who did teach these kids and so many of us to hate ourselves. Slavery is over but our minds are traumatized and scarred. Its the great american tragedy

  4. wow this was a powerful video...im only 18 and i have had my hair relaxed since i was about 3. Im currently in the stage of going natural....my mother relaxed my hair because she did not know how to take care of it and how to manage it. while watching this video i found myself tearing when i listened to the children speak about their hair. I teared when i watched the children responsed to question regarding the dolls. Watching this video has taught me and also has brought to my attention how the shackles that had been placed on us so many years ago how they still run deep in our blood. We must find a way to build our own self confidence as a people and learn to appreciate what makes us different from the many races of the world.

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I was in tears watching this video. This is a very powerful video and I hope it opens up the minds of all.

  6. Good morning I'm glad I came across your site! This powerful video was much needed food for thought. GK.


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