Naptural Poetry: "Good Hair" by Christian I. J. Minter

8:50 PM

Good Hair

They say the clothes make the man

But good hair makes the woman

Or so it seems for the sistahs

Always comparing, contrasting and complaining

Does it line up with what's good?

Does it flow?

Does it hang?

Does it blow in the wind?

Is it straight? ( Oh Glory!)

Fine and loosely curly? (Good Enough)

Don't let it be bad!

Tight kinky curls

Thick wiry coils

Big poofy fro

In defiance of gravity

Girl, do something with that mess!

You're only as good as your hair

Or so it seems for the sistahs

The unblessed ones run for help

To tame the defiant fro

Burning chemicals

Damaging heat

Heavy grease

Anything to make it lay down

Flat and straight and good

Don't let it go back!

But then comes the side affects

Of superficial good hair

Thinning strands losing their fullness

Raggedy ends constantly breaking

Receding hairlines

Resorting to wigs

and weaves and extensions

No hair is better than bad hair

Or so it seems for the sistahs

Is this the way we want it?

No appreciation for natural beauty

Degrading what God gave us

Shackled to the lye

Bondage passed from one generation to another

Striving for the unnatural standard

Of straight, sleek and shiny

Good hair is sought at all costs

Or so it seems for the sistahs

-Christian I. J. Minter


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