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11:01 AM

(language NSFW)

I spotted this vid link in my timeline yesterday and just a few moments ago had the chance to watch it. In a nutshell, it captures the nervous, anxious moments before and during one's Big Chop. Videos like this make me regret that I didn't capture my BC on film lol...it's so well put together! The natural newbie also talks about her families reaction to her choice to go natural. At the mark 3 minute mark narrator/poet Steven Russell recites "Nappy Heads Unite". It's a powerful poem and I would love to hear all of your views on it! What was your reason(s) for going natural? Was self hate ever a factor when you used to relax?

**I contacted the owner of the Nappy Heads Unite video @Scooba576, and learned that the woman at the end of the clip is Kathleen Neal Cleaver. Member of the Black Panther Party at one their gatherings is where that recording took place, here's another video I found with various clips from party members HERE. Learn more about this accomplished woman HERE! Below are a few images of her and gorgeous afro!

S/O to @Scooba576 for the info :)

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  1. I love this video. An i totally understand where the girl is coming from cause when i told my grandmother that i got my hair cut and I'm going natural the first thing she said is " You gonna have N hair. You gonna look silly it ain't gonna grow back" I've never been soooo hurt in my life either but that only made me more determine and show her that being natural is beauty from the like anyone has ever seen...and that natural hair can grow and can be healthy just as much as the next person. But i may repost this and give a more in dept description sis

  2. Do you know who the woman at the end of the video is? I would like to try and find the entire interview.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I am glad I watched it. I am so inspired and so in love with my hair even more so now.

    I want to know where that last part came from, too. Who is that woman at the end?

    "Dig it? Isn't is beautiful? Alright."

    I love it!

  4. Absolutely love this. Black is beautiful and honest indeed.

    Her smile at the end, when looking at herself in the mirror says it all.

  5. Thanks for the links and photos! Beautiful! I am now going to go read more about her. I never heard of her until today.


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