In Review: Hemp Seed Butter & Argan Oil Braid Out

1:42 PM

Hey Ladies! It's been a lonnng weekend and I must first say THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes. My inbox and twitter mentions were filled...I feel so special lol!

Of course and as usual I decided to rock a braid out. Instead of using my Curly Butter, I switched it up by using the Hemp Seed Butter and Argan Oil from my recent order. I started off by washing my hair with an Ayurvedic Herbal Bar from Bee Mine, which is no longer listed on their website for some reason. I then conditioned and detangled with Giovanni Smooth As Silk. In 4 sections and one at a time I applied the Argan Oil from root to some spots a little too generously. The consistency reminds me of Olive Oil and the scent is very faint. My felt soft, shiny and all that, but that's how it usually feels after I add oil to it. There was no big "Ah Ha" moment for me...was it all hype...maybe! Anyhoo, I followed up by applying the Hemp Seed Butter in med sized sections and began braiding. I love this stuff!! It's super smooth and really sinks into the hair, creating a very smooth braid. When you smell it inside the container it sorta kind smells like tea...or something lol! I can't really put my finger on it, but once it's in the hair the smell fades away. Covered with a satin scarf and bonnet I air dried it throughout the day on Friday and overnight. Here are a few pics of the wet braids....

And here's the braid out in the morning....

FAB! My one and only complaint is that it was too oily....which was my fault. I used waay too much Argan Oil when setting the braids, but other than that I loved it! At night I rebraided to preserve the look without adding extra product and the braidout the next day looked even better than the first. I'll be trying this combo again...maybe later on this week, but with a lot less oil.

How was your weekend?

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  1. LOVELY! I am glad u enjoyed ur birthday! I am on camden grey as I type this. I am def going to try the Hemp Seed butter. I've heard a lot of hype about argan oil too..but I think I'm going to pass this time. I can't wait to hear how u felt about the rhassoul from camden grey. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks great sis!
    I also wanted you to know that I just gave you a one lovely blog award. Please check out my blog for more information.
    Stay blessed!

  3. @PrettySunshyne I'm already in love with the Rhassoul Clay from camdengrey...I've reviewed it several times lol!

  4. Do u still use and/or like this product.? I was thinking of ordering some.

  5. I have read and use this all product natural Argan oil is a best and comment.

    Argan Oil


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