**Updated Post**Video: A Rhassoul Clay Tutorial

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After getting awesome results from using Kindra's Rhassoul Clay Bar, I was eager to try a mix of my own. I also wanted to see if my affair with Rhassoul was just a first time fluke. Could I get great with my own mix...Yes I can and did! My hair felt great and even shinier than the last time. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in the last post, but Rhassoul (compared to Cassia) is very easy to rinse out of the hair, which is great for those in a time crunch. I think I'm love! I have enough clay to do 2 more treatments and I'll keep you guys updated if I repurchase.

My Rhassoul Clay Recipe....

1 cup of Rhassoul Clay Powder

3/4 cups of hot water (add water slowly)

1 tsp of melted Brazil Nut Butter

2 tbs of Bee Mine Deep Conditioner

1 tbs of Coconut Oil

A YouTube commenter asks...

How does Rhassoul Clay compare to Bentonite Clay, which is better?

I have yet to try Bentonite Clay on my hair. I've used it several times on my face as a detox and loved it, but not the hair yet. There are tons of reviews out praising Bentonite Clay for giving them frizzz free, clean and defined hair. Sounds very promising and a lot like my results from Rhassoul Clay! If and when I try it, I will record a vid and take pics to give a thorough comparison.

New video of how I styled my hair after the braids dried...enjoy!

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7 People Obsessing!

  1. where could i find rhassoul clay powder?

  2. @snuggles_mom You can buy it from CamdenGray.com, it's $7.50 a pound

  3. can you put coconut milk in this?

  4. Are the benefits of this clay like the Bentonite clay? If not how are they different?

  5. I noticed you did a review on the Anita Grant Conditioning Cubes, how would you compare your homemade mixture to that of the cubes? I just used the cubes for the first this past weekend and had really good results, but at $17 per treatment, this could get pricey

    PS-I really love your site and your videos. Thank you for all the reviews, posts, education, etc…

  6. FYI..Just went to the camdengrey.com website and they have a $20 minimum order limit and s/h (to California) seems to be $15.32 via UPS.


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