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Love Love Love Ori!!!

I was contacted a few months ago by Bolanle of Ori Organics test and review their collection of hair care products. Of course I said sure, send it on my way, I'm always down to try new things and support a new business. She sent me almost the entire collection and a big bag of Wether's Original Hard Candies lol!! I've been using them for a couple weeks now and my hair is loving them! I was going to do a full review with the product description, ingredients list and all, but my computer is pmsing right now so I'll keep it simple and to the point. (For more info about each product mentioned please click the highlighted product's name.) Here's a summary of my expierence with Ori Organics...

While my hair was good and dirty I decided to  try the Hydrating Curl Cleanser first. The label claims that it is designed specifically to leave the hair clean, moisturized and never stripped...and I agree...kinda! I rinsed my hair really good and divided it into 2 sections and began massaging the cleanser in one section at a time. Concentrating on the scalp and working my way to the ends. The scent is supposed to be honey and ginger, but to me it's less honey mostly ginger. Definetly not the usual sweet and fresh shampoo smell. It's hard to explain the scent in words lol! The consistency is thin and the lather is not that great, but this cleanser moisturized the heck out of my hair! It felt awesome! Shine, minimal frizz and popping curls...the funky smell was no longer an issue. I recommend highly recommend this cleanser, but if you use a lot of heavy, hard to rinse out products on your hair this may not be for you, since it's a very mild and gentle cleanser.

After that I applied the Curl Restorative Masque in small sections and left on my hair overnight for deeper penetration. Smells fantastic, like peaches and cream..yum! The texure is thick and looks a little lumpy, but it goes on very smooth. Some of the key ingredients include honey, flax seed oil, olive oil, silk and oats so you already know it gave great slip. In the morning I detangled and rinsed, which was a breeze. The combination of the cleanser and the masque had my hair feeling so moisturized and soft. And the masque even left a peachy scent to my hair! Although I loved this masque it's not better than Curl Harmony's Intensive Deep my opinion. But it did do what it said it would, so it's still worth a try!

Once out of the shower I separated my hair into 4 sections and applied the Curl Replenishing Hair Milk to each. It carries the same peachy scent as the masque and is also thick, yet lightweight and creamy. Although the label doesn't say, it has a lot of slip and could be used as a detangler as well. Good Stuff!! On top of that I smoothed on the Curl Styling Buttercream....key word smoothed! Compared to the masque and moisture balancing buttercream, this one is the smoothest. And very thick. I learned the hard way that a liitle goes a long way. i applied it a bit too generously and it left my hair a tad bit greasy but that was my fault. Next time I'll pay attention when a product says to apply! I set my hair in medium 2 strand twists and added the Leave-In Cream Sealant to my ends. This product LOVE! Some of it's ingredients include water, inrefined organic avocado oil, meadowfoam seed oil and mango butter. My ends felt great! The consistency is super thick and should be sold in a jar instead of a bottle, because it's a lttle tough to get out. Once out it performs very well. This will definetly come in handy when the cold weather hits. I let my twist air dry and here's the results...

Loved it! Even though my hair was a little greasy from using to much of the buttercream, it was still soft and defined. I rocked this twist out for 3-4 days!

After a few days I was ready to try the next few products I had from Ori. I washed my hair using Bee Mine's Herbal Poo bar to get my hair really clean and take away the greasiness of the Curl Styling Buttercream. Then I applied the Curl Nourishing Daily Deep Conditioner in 2 sections and let sit for 10 minutes. This also has the peachy scent, but with a hint of vanilla. It's creamy and provides a nice slip  to detangle easily. But it was more like a regular conditioner than a deep conditioner. If I had left it on longer and maybe sat under a steamer or hair dryer, it would have been more effective. It was cool, but not all that special in my opinion.

All rinsed out and divided in four sections, I applied the Moisture Balancing Buttercream. This one has a thick whipped texture, but goes on just as smooth as the other buttercream. It's not as heavy either. this one is marketed towards finer textures, but it worked great in my hair. I actually prefer this one over the Curl Styling Buttercream. I set my hair in twists again with the leave-in sealant on the ends, and let it air dry overnight. My twistout felt lighter and had more movement than the previous one. It was a lot less greasy too. Twistout pics below...

My hair had a great expierence with Ori Organics hair care! The products that stood out the most were the Hydrating Curl Cleanser, Leave-In Cream Sealant, Curl Styling Buttercream and Moisture Balancing Buttercream. I know for sure I'll be purchasing the Cleanser and Sealant, those 2 are my  favs. If you've been thinking about buying Ori Organics for your hair I hope this review was helpful for you.

Sidebar: This review was supposed to be short and simple lol :-)


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