Obsessed Mail: Did You Always Style Your Own Hair?

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N.O. reader Destiny writes....

KKQ, I LOVE your blog, and your hair is beautiful. Your hairstyles are so creative. Question--when you were relaxed, did you know how do to your hair? How much skill does your styling take? I LOVED the teeny tiny twists, and I don't think I have the skill to do them, at least not in the back. How much do you think stylists would charge for that kind of style? Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, and that your blog is my favorite right now, from the hair pix to the cute pix of NieceyPoo. I am a sucker for a cute picture of a kid...Keep up the good work!

KKQ: Hi Destiny! Since I was maybe 13 or 14 I've been doing my own hair. I did my own relaxers, perms and I used to color my hair. I've been jet black, reddish tones and bronzey brownish colors. After a failed sew-in by a professional, I taught myself how to do them by correcting her mistakes. Boy oh boy how I used to love my weave lol! I had a lot of fun with my hair back then and I always kept it "looking" good. But eventually all that pressing, weaving and dyeing broke my hair off really bad...and that's why I'm natural!

As far as skill goes, I really don't look at the way I do my hair as having a ton of skill. It's all quite simple actually. Like when I do my updos, for the most part I just gather up my hair pins and just start pinning until it starts to look like something. I like to experiement and challenge myself to learn new things. Practice really does make perfect.  I take my time when I do my hair, because if I rush through it and it turns out a hot mess I'm gonna want to do it all over again. 

I have no idea how much a stylists would charge for tiny twists, but I'm sure it wouldn't be cheap. If the average price for micro braids is around $150(+) then it's probably close to that number. I know my services wouldn't be cheap...lol!!

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