My Hair And A Magical Rhassoul Clay Deep Conditioning Bar....

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Back in Feburary, Kindra(SanguineRose81) was testing batches of a conditioning bar she was trying to perfect. On twitter, she asked and if anyone would like to test it out and give feedback, I quickly responded with a "Heck Yes! Send it on!" I didn't use those words exactly, but you get the point lol! She sent the bar not too long after with info and directions. It smelled and looked like a big hunk of chocolate and I couldn't wait to try it. However, the recommended recipe called for Coconut Cream and I had none. I placed it in the fridge wrapped in plastic and a ziplock bag and planned on ordering some. Well I never got around to doing that and completely forgot about it. That is until last week....While fumbling around for NiecyPoo's fruit cups, there was that big hunk of chocolate. I quickly tweeted Kindra a pic and asked "hey! remember this...can I still use this"? She laughed and assured me that it was still good to use and gave me a few suggestions on what to use instead of Coconut Cream.

So last Friday, with nothing to do and nowhere to go, I gave my hair some much needed tlc! I bagan my day with a gentle cleansing using Bee Mine's Ayurvedic Herbal Bar, rinsed and applied Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner. Then I sat under the Huetiful Hair Steamer for 20 minutes and detangled quickly afterwards. Rinsed and began to prepare the conditioning bar for use. Kindra let me know that could add whatever liquid I preferred to the bar, even plain water...and that's what I went with. I cut the bar up into smaller pieces to make melting it easier. Then in a plastic bowl I believe I added a 1/2 cup of hot water and it started to melt. To speed the process up, I placed the plastic bowl on top of another bowl with boiling hot water inside and not long after a paste was formed.

The conditiong bar on is made up of Rhassoul Clay, Marshmallow Root, Cocoa Butter, Tucuma Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Honey. On it's own I'm sure it packs a mean punch, but I knew it wasn't going to be enough to cover my entire head. So I added 3 tablespoons of Bee Mine's Organic Deep Conditioner In Cocont Cream. It's not my fav ,but I needed a filler. It thickened the paste up nicely and made it even more creamy. And for no reason I added 2 splashes of Coconut Oil. I thenpaced the mixture in the fridge to cool off for about 10 minutes.

While my hair was damp I divided it into 4 sections and began appying the mixture in very small sections. Making sure that my hair was covered completely, air dried for an hour and then covered with a plastic bag. While on my hair, I decided to go web surfing to find more info on Rhassoul Clay. According to 

"Rhassoul or Ghassoul is a mineral rich, beige clay powder that blends extremely well with water and is considered a swelling clay, because of its great capacity to absorb liquids quickly. Its color may range from beige to yellowish/beige. This volcanic clay contains a high percentage of magnesium plus silica, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and lithium."

It's also said to be great for greasy hair that lacks volume and thickness and it promotes shine. Here's my kinks after applying the clay mixture...

 I ended up leaving the clay in for about 4 hours while I cleaned, cooked and fooled around on the internet. It smelled sooo yummy, like chocolate and coconut, I didn't want to rinse it out. But it had to go...So I hopped in the shower and began rinsing with warm water. Smooth, soft and curls popping all over! My hair doesn't even feel this good after a Cassia treatment....and my hair loves Cassia! After to rinsing with just water most of it was out but ther was still residue on my scalp, so a did a quick cleanse with the Bee Mine Herbal Bar. Pics before using the cleanser...

All rinse out and loving it!!!!

 My hair felt soooo good!! Lots of shine and curl and hardly any frizz....I'm hooked!! And it felt a little stretched as well. After much picture taking I braided my hair into small/medium sized braids using Ori Organics Moisture balancing Buttercream and Leave In Sealant on the ends. Shortly after that my PJ kicked in and I went back on and ordered a pound of Rhassoul Clay and more! Here's the braid out shots.....

FAB!!! Thanks Kindra :) Ladies get into this!!! I aksed if she would be selling these "magic" bars and she says planning on selling in the near future. i'll keep you guys posted if I hear anything. I haven't washed my hair yet so I can't tell how long the affects will last, but I'll let you guys know the next time I wash.

Also please check out Fluertzy's Rhassoul Clay review.

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