Obsessed Mail: How To Train My Hair Into Manageable Curls??

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ATTN Readers - Hey guys! Lately I've been getting bombarded with tons of mail. Not just on the blog, but on YouTube as well and it's getting hard to keep up. I'm only one person and I need your help with answering some of the Obsessed Mail that comes through. I'll be posting 1 or 2 letters a week and all I ask is that you share your insight with your fellow readers. A lot of you have great info to share and I look forward to reading your responses. If you have a question and would like to have it answer feel free to send a private message or email me at NaturallyObsessed@yahoo.com. View this week's Obsessed Mail below....

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Good Morning,  I've been reading your blog for quite some time.  I just BC'd at the end of June.  My friend comb twisted little sections of my hair and when I took them down it gave me the most beautiful curls! My question is, since I have tybe 4 hair, very tightly coiled is there a way to "train" my hair to grow into manageable curls? I only have about two inches of hair all over and I can't see myself comb twisting sections for 1-2 once a week. if this is what it takes all do it...i've also tried braid outs on my daughters hair who also has the same hair type as me but they end up "poofing" by the middle of the day...any suggestions? what can i use to keep her hair in the freshly twist out state? Does that take training her hair, twisting it 1-2 times a week? Also, I'm in desperate need of a moisturizer...we're in Austin Texas where the seasons are hot, and hot and dry, and hotter! Please help!!!  Thank you for all that you do...you truly inspire me with your creativity.  Kynthia

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  1. Wow, I'm really late! Having been born and raised in Austin, my first piece of advice is this: Learn to love your hair and let it do what it wants to do. Austin has a knack for being both desert dry and humid all at once. Other than that, I pre-poo with coconut oil which really helps tame frizz. Then I wash with the Whole Foods brand shampoo. I then deep condition once a week (DCing is crucial in Texas, it's entirely to hot to skip it). After that I usually air dry because I already have intensely defined curls. I like the Carols Daughter hair balm for sealing moisture. I hate their Hair Milk, but my mom and sister both love it and it works REALLY well on their hair. Also I find that twirling my hair in while the conditioner is in helps define curls. Bantu knots are also an easy way to define curls too. That being said, I find the BIGGEST help in dealing with my hair at home is to just let it do what it does.

  2. @Dash Great advice....there was a ton of comments on this post before I moved to blogger :(


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