NaturallyCurly•Com Gets A Face Lift + 31 Days Of Giveaways!

7:55 AM

Hey Guys! If you've been a member of Naturally Obsessed for a while then you already know that I love NaturallyCurly•Com! Its one of the best curly head destinations on the web and I love it, because it caters to all types of kinks and curls. I'm also very proud to be apart their group of's a fab group lol!! Well, they have decided to revamp their site to make find information easier for the readers. Here's a little snippet of the press release...

"NaturallyCurly•Com is now 12 years old and we wanted to let you know that she has been getting some “work done” over the past few months to provide more customized solutions. The reason for the site relaunch is to reorganize the information to make it easier for new and existing users to locate information. The main change in our site is the reorganization. Before (aka our current site) was organized by functions: Videos, Photos, Articles etc. The new NaturallyCurly•com will be organized by topic sections: Hair Types, Care Methods, Weddings & Prom etc.

Essentially, we are creating micro sites within our larger site. Therefore, if you want to see any and all information on Type 3c hair, you can just go to the type 3C section of our site and there you'll find videos, photos articles, bloggers etc. All center on and around the topic of 3C hair. We are very exicted for this change, it will allow us to expose our 12 years of content like never before. It will also allow our community to feel more at home in their "micro sites." The goal is to alow the niches within our niche of curly hair to feel more comfortable at home and catered to. We know that curly hair is not all encompassing so we want to make sure each sub hair category feels that we are catering to their specific needs.

We will provide customized solutions tailored to fit individual hair needs."

It Looks Awesome!!

In addition to the site relaunch NaturallyCurly•Com will hosting giveaways for the entire month of October! Each day they will be giving away prizes worth$250 or more. Plus everyday you enter, you will be eligible to win a grand prize worth thousands....THOUSANDS!!! Talk about dying and going to product junkie heaven lol!

The official relaunch date is today, but I still see the old layout when I visit. Hopefully they'll have it all sorted out some time today.

Are you a fan of NaturallyCurly•Com??  

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