Hair Diary: Sharlene P.

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About Me...I am an artist/college freshman who has  a keen interest in music, culture, vintage fashion, and art. Due to my newly discovered interest in  skateboarding culture and graffiti art, I feel that it would awesome to one day be an illustrator for comic books, a skateboard deck company, video game design or finish launching the jewelry/purse/ graphic t-shirt line that my sister and I have begun working on.

Where do you live? How is the natural hair community there?

I live in Woodland Hills, and there is nearly next to NO natural hair girls in my city. Unfortunately it is like a taboo in my area. lol :)

When and why did you decide to go natural?

I went natural due to a lot of reasons. Some of the reasons are:
1. I looked like every black girl and white girl in my high school at the time
2. I have ALWAYS thought natural hair looked so beautiful but I didn't know how to get natural hair 
3. It didn't fit my personality.
4. My hair was NOT growing nor was it getting thicker.
5. My sister discovered a lot of natural hair blogs such as yours to influence me to be beautiful and proud of my kinky roots.
6. On black history month I remember this speech that the student body president said about Madame C.J. Walker and how she invented the straightening comb to help "black women feel good about themselves", including the history that my sister researched about how during slavery the beautiful afro locks of the African slaves were destroyed due to the hot lye that their slave masters dipped their head in to get rid of their "bad coily hair."

Were your friends and family supportive? If not, how were you able to move forward?

My old friend whose still in high school was trying to convince me to wear an afro or dreadlocks since FOREVER, but  none of my family members were supportive except for my big sister who supported my decision and  bought products for me as I was transitioning from my extensions. She was the only person that kept my self esteem high as I transitioned.

What is your current hair routine?

On Sunday evening I apply henna, mixed with shikaki, neem, alma, and brahmi powder to my hair and leave it in for the rest of the night. In the morning I wash it out. After that I condition my hair with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, and Herbal Essence None of Your Frizzness. I wash that out. I then put my hair in a protective style such as two-strand twist while using this product called curls milkshake. After twisting I seal my ends with Shea Butter, and wait for it to dry so I can rock my spirals outside!!! :)

Do you have any hair goals?

My hair goal is to have healthy, shiny, long hair. The steps I am taking  to achieve it is by using several natural hair growing powders and  putting my hair in protective styles when I am at home because I have read that if you put your hair in protective styles for a couple of days  your hair grows faster.

What is your favorite natural hair style?

I have several styles that I enjoy doing, but my most favorite is the Ethiopian hair style. To achieve it I usually have my mom cornrow the pattern up to my ear and then she stops so that my curls and show.

Curly girls have more fun because...our hair is always THEE BIZNESS!!!! 

Gorgeous ♥ To see more of Sharlene please check out her blog

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