Turban Inspiration From Chescalocs & Busayo

6:52 PM

What do you when the cramps finally let up and your home alone...bored!? Well, you go on YouTube and check up on your subscriptions...duh!  Chescalocs is one of my absolute favorite youtubers. She's super creative, funny and her locs are gorgeous! I also love that most, if not all, of her hair tutorials can be adapted to loose natural hair or even long relaxed hair. Her lastest series of videos features her friend Busayo, who demonstrates the various ways one can wrap a turban. Some are simple and others are a bit more daring, but all looks are cute and very easy to recreate. Below is my fave look from the series...

Check out my style interpretation and silly faces after the jump :)
 p.s. I missing my curls like crazy, I'll washing out the straight look next week...

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3 People Obsessing!

  1. thanks again! glad you enjoyed the video :)

  2. Super cute! Love the hair and turban. I am going to try this this weekend.

  3. I wil definitely be doing this soon!! Great idea for when my twists get frizzy :))


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