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Hey guys! I recently signed up with Influenster.com to try and give my opinions about products that fit my profile. Influenster is free to join and is super easy to register. Basically you fill out a quick survey about your lifestyle, shopping habits, likes and dislikes, etc. and after you fill out a few more surveys that's pretty much it. They then look over your responses and if you are a qualified member you'll receive a "VoxBox". Voxboxes are themed packages that include products from top beauty and lifestyle brands. In return all you have to do is test the products out, fill out a survey and either blog, vlog or tweet about your experience. For more info and to sign up (if you wish) please visit www.Influenster.com.
I received my first VoxBox earlier this week and for now and in the future I'll be blogging my experiences  under the tag "WITB", which stands for "What's In The Box". Now like I mentioned before the products included in Voxboxes are random and they may not be hair related, but I will (like I always have) keep my opinion 100% honest and fair!
Now let's dig in...

Proactiv 3-Step System (30 Day System/$19.95)
As shown above this 3 step acne fighting system includes the Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Treatment. As you all now I myself have acne-prone skin, so like most acne sufferers I have tried Proactiv in the past. It worked for a few months, got my skin clear and all, but then it would just stop working. I never understood why. So when I saw this in the box I was like "Oh no, I'm not going back there again". My skin has been consistently clear thanks to the Oil Cleansing Method and I refuse to go back Acneville anytime soon! Verdict: It works fine in the beginning, but over time it's effects wear off. Another acne solution that is also a 3 system is Clean & Clear Acne Advantage. I used this product regularly for about a year and switched only because I wanted a more natural alternative for my face. It cost about the same as Proactiv and you can actually purchase a kit in almost any drugstore, Walmart or Target. Also the results are far more consistent than Proactiv ever was.

Refillable Venus ProSkin Moisture Rich Razor (w/2 replacememt cartridges/$9.79)
Never thought I'd be reviewing razors, but here goes...The features of this razor is that each cartridge comes lined with a triple blend of body butters and carries the Venus triple blade technology for a super close shave. I decided to give it a go on my legs, since due to my laziness have been looking a bit Monique-ish (TMI) lol! All in all I liked it. It did exactly what it said it would and my legs felt super soft afterwards. My only complaint is that the gel surrounding the blades, once wet, becomes really runny. Almost like drool, it was weird. Verdict: It got the job done, but I don't feel like the gels last as long as they should, being that it is the main feature. I've only used it once and it looks I've used wayyy more than that. I pretty sure it has a lot to do with that fact that the consistency is so runny...I won't be purchasing it.

Vitabath "In Bloom Asian Orchid & Coconut" Body Wash (12 oz bottle for $9.99)
 This sulfate and paraben free wash claims to boast a moisturizing formula that leaves skin feeling clean refreshed and vibrant. Does it live up to it's claims? YES it does! I absolutely love this wash. The lather is really rich and it get your skin clean, but soft at the same time. However, my favorite thing about this product is the scent...its smells so good! It has one of those complex smells that makes it kinda hard to describe, but if I had to I'd say it's a blend of floral, sweet, woody, tea and coconut scents. And I love that it lingers throughout the room well after I'm done showering. Verdict: I love it and would definitely purchase more after this bottle runs out.

Have you tried any of these products? Thoughts? Also I want your opinion on seeing me review more VoxBoxes from Influenster.com.

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  1. LOL @ " looking a bit Monique-ish..."
    I like this review & I'm looking forward to seeing the next one!

  2. May we be friends on this influenster!!! Im obsessed with this obtaining of BADGES!!!


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