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Nothing special... My twists have finally reached the 5 week mark and are holding up really well, but I'm so ready to snatch them out and wash my hair! I planned to do the take down over the weekend, but plans were made and I have no time. Then I decided I'll take them out next week, but I have a few interviews lined up and I can't be showing up all hair half done and such lol! So it looks I'll be hanging on to these bad boys for another week :(
My scalp doesn't look too bad, but there is a persistent  halo of frizz on the top of my head and around my edges. I've been trying to lay it down with a little water and Nourish & Shine, then covering with a scarf, but that only works for a few hours. So I'll definitely have to re-twist those areas. Another issue I face when wearing my twists for too long, is that I find a lot of random loose single strands. Loose strands among twists can cause a lot of unnecessary breakage....they must get re-twisted asap. Other than those issues they're doing fine.
I'll keep you guys posted on exactly when I take them down with lots of pics of course and maybe even a video....maybe lol! Check the pics I took this morning after the jump.
Happy Friday Everyone :)

 fuzz on fuzz on fuzz!!

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  1. Your twists still look great. I'm just curious as to how many hours it will take to take them down. I just finished taking out extension afro twists and I'm beat. lol Prepping a clay treatment now....

  2. @Libby lol! I think I can get them down in a day...I think...I hope...I pray!!

  3. why do they still look great to me LOL ... You've done a great job keeping them up ... mine would have been WAY fuzzier and crazy looking lol after a while I tend to forget or i'm too lazy to wear a bonnet at night lol hahaha ...

  4. Maaaan, your hair on week 5 is my hair on week 2! Man, 6 weeks. That's a situation I can only dream about doing. LOL!

  5. I have had mine in for three weeks...I thought I would redo them today but it's looking more like next week for me. I love your hair!!!

  6. I just looooove your hair, especially when it's up in a bun!

  7. Your hair is very pretty to me, and that fuzz I love it. It looks like a bunch of baby hair around your bun. Well, at least that's how the pic made it look.

  8. Porsha: Your mini twist are 2 die for :-o...I like wearing my hair in the same style but i find that I cnt go past a certain amount of time b4 it feels like my hair is lockin up...I just want to kno...

    Do y0u experience the same issue.?

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your mini-twist tutorial! My hair looks almost exactly like yours, and it thrives when I leave it alone (in other words, this protective style).


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