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1:08 AM

Same content just on a different platform....

I've been wanting to change over to Blogger from OnSugar for a while now and I finally had the time to do it. Blogger offers a lot more features and gives me a bit more freedom on how I want my content displayed. I'm still adjusting to the new setup, a lot of the comments from the original blog are missing and the pages in the navigation bar are not working how I would like them to....If any of you have any suggestion on those please help me out!

Also last week (I think) on the old blog I asked if you guys would like to see a "Flashback" feature and a large number of you said "heck yeah." So I'll be starting that up this week...how does Friday sound??

Anyhoo...welcome to www.NaturallyObsessed.net and enjoy :)

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9 People Obsessing!

  1. Love the new blog...where did u find the background, i love it...Happy New Year

  2. Yay!!! Welcome to blogger. Nice background illustration:)

  3. you can use live writer with blogger - fyi. Good luck in your new blog home.

  4. Thanks Tiffany! I'll look into that.

  5. 1. Yay you! 2. How can I subscribe? With the other site I got an email everytime you updated somehow. If you figure that out for blogger let us know!

  6. Very nice! Great job with the site.

  7. @Shay I just updated my widgets with reader and email options!!

  8. i'm so glad its moved to a place where i can comment without having to create accounts and stuff!


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