Random: Afro Art by Daisy Giles

6:31 PM

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8 People Obsessing!

  1. This is beautiful. I click on the soure but I wasn't able to find a person to contact. Do you know if this person sell his/her art?

  2. @Nad I have no idea who the artist is or if they sell their art. I tried googling the name on the photobucket account "nikilynmac" and not much comes up :(

  3. This is the artist you search for: http://daisygiles.com/home.html

  4. @Adjoa-Gennesaret Thank You!! I'll update the source now!

  5. Hey yall!

    This is Daisy Giles - the artist!
    You can contact through my website: www.daisygiles.com
    or by email: email@daisygiles.com

    The piece in question is already sold but I have other pieces up for sale and I always am up to do commisioned pieces.

    Thanks for the love.



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