iObsess: Jessica W.

3:51 PM

age: 24 where: richmond, va
Hair • twistouts and fro-hawks, and either kinky-twist or yarn braids (that I do myself)
Skin • African Black Soap & African Shea Butter
Fashion • Jeans, mid-calf boots, & a fashionable top or cover up, but I'd prefer sweatpants & a tee ANY day
Food • PIZZA! and fruit...LOVE fruit!!
The Tube • I didn't notice before but I'm a SERIOUS reality TV FREAK! LOL Teen Mom, RHOA!!--pretty much any Bravo show, Basketball Wives, American Idol...also, THE GAME!! (SOO happy it's back!), SATC, Glee, The OFFICE!, Grey' much more.
The Net • I stay on Facebook and Twitter (well TweetDeck---@prettybrwnangel)..other than that, I'm researching cupcake things =D
Places • I LOVE NYC! But I would really love to go to L.A...and I've always wanted to travel to Italy. BELLISIMA!
Life • I'm not your typical unemployed college grad lol...I'm currently busy trying to get my one woman cupcake business off the ground. (Check me out; and I'm also about to welcome my very first niece into the world so I'm busy helping my sis and my family out =D

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