My Nighttime Routine For Straight Hair

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My nighttime routine for maintaining sleek and smooth straight hair is super simple! I first start by dividing my hair into 2 halves, then I began to de-tangle my hair GENTLY with a wide tooth comb. Sometimes we assume that our straight hair doesn't need to be combed and that it won't get tangles....well it does! Especially if you have some length and your hair rubs up against your clothing. Before I de-tangle I apply a small amount of EVOO (ex. virgin olive oil) to each side, this allows the comb to glide through the hair as smooth as possible. However, you don't want to oil it down too much or you'll weigh the hair down and make the hair too greasy.

After each side is de-tangled, I pin each side up into 2 big bantu knots and cove with a satin scarf and my bonnet. When I take them down in the morning the hair will have a slight wave, but if I want more texture I'll do 5 or 6 bantu knots at night. And that is all!

•Don't over do it with hair products. The more you put on the hair, the more you'll weigh it down and you'll lose volume and body.
•Keep your hair off of your clothing and other fabrics.
•When your hair is straight it's the perfect time tidy up those ends and to cut out those single strand knots. Having length is cute but scraggly ends are a NO!
•Be cautious when applying additional heat to the hair. If you like a more volume and curl to your straight hair do so with bantu knots and pin curling.
•And lastly enjoy YOUR hair! Don't let anybody else come to you with their "natural nazi" rules and stop you from enjoying all that natural hair has to offer. It's YOUR hair!

p.s. I got the hat from a Rave store that was going out of business in PA. It was only $1 and some change :) #fabfind

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7 People Obsessing!

  1. i love your hair & your tips. when my hair was straightened, i rolled it nightly & slept in a bonnet. i'm a fan of big/full hair, so this was the perfect route for me. bantu knots sound awesome, though!

  2. i love your hair both ways! thanks for sharing. how do you trim your hair normally? and is there a particular brand that you recommend? thanks!

  3. omg your hair is so beautiful and thick! i love the sheen and the body. get it girl!

  4. @Jasmine Thanx Gurl!!!

    @Janelle Thx! I've been wanting to get some rollers and flexi rods but I keep forgetting lol!

    @allie Thank You! I trim when I feel it's necessary...I'm not sure what you mean by which brand do I use

  5. you working that hat gurl and omg your hair is SO long...HHG! :D

  6. Your hair looks great no matter how you wear it. I love your blog!


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