Biggest Myths About African American Hair

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I spotted this post on and just had to share it with guys. Before going natural and really getting to know my hair I some of these myths to be true as well...boy was I wrong lol! Here's a few excerpts that stood out for me...

1. Washing your hair too often will dry it out.

Washing is actually one of the best ways to moisturize your hair and scalp. Not only does washing your hair restore moisture, it also cleanses a dirty scalp allowing for growth. This myth keeps circulating because hard water and the wrong shampoos and conditioners can strip the hair of much needed oils.

2. African American hair doesn't grow long.
Lies and deceit! African-American hair has the capability to grow and thrive under the right environment. But our hair is sensitive and must be cared for diligently to reach optimal length. In addition to the proper beauty regime make sure you give your hair a helping hand by eating fruits and vegetables and drinking water. It will promote hair growth. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before.

4. Relaxers make African American hair grow.
The chemicals in a relaxer do not promote hair growth. Curly or natural African-American hair has a tendency to shrink or draw up. A relaxer simply breaks down the hair, eliminating the curl and stretching the hair to its full length.

8. Taking prenatal vitamins will make your hair grow.
This is a tricky one. Pregnant women do have luscious hair but many believe this is because of the high estrogen levels during pregnancy. The increased estrogen activates the growth phase for the hair. But all of this stops after the baby is born and the hair eventually returns to its normal growth pattern. Prenatal vitamins have no estrogen in them but do contain folic acid which stimulates hair growth. If you’re looking for a supplement for your hair make sure it’s high in biotin and folic acid.

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3 People Obsessing!

  1. some of those myths had me fooled when I was deciding if I should be natural or not. Thank god I researched more about what was healthy for my hair.


  2. Great post! I know I too thought African American hair didn't grow as long as other peoples..sadly. And that girl in the pic is too cute!

  3. Awesome post I hear the myth about dirty hair all the time.


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