New Year....New Hair Regimen!

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In celebration of the New Year I decided to revamp my hair routine (a little) and share with you some of my 2011 Hair Resolutions.
Monthly: Rhassoul Clay and/or Cassia Obovata treatment, whichever one I choose to do will depend on the condition of my hair at  the time. Rhassoul Clay for when my hair lacking in moisture and Cassia Obovata when my hair requires more strength. Also during this time I will take time out to tend to my ends with search and destroy missions to banish those funky single strand knots.
Bi-Weekly: Shampoo and deep condition with the assistance of my Huetiful Hair Steamer.
Weekly: Co-washing and scalp massages
When Necessary: I'll do month long protective styles to give my hair a break and to retain length. Every 3 or 4 months ( I haven't decided yet) I plan to trim my ends. I'm currently looking for a stylists in my area to do that for me...I plan to work on my trust issues with stylists in 2011 to make that possible lol!
Some of my resolutions that will be important in maintaining a healthy head of hair will be drinking more water, exercising regularly and getting plenty of rest. Finding a good multi vitamin and actually taking them...everyday! My diet could be improved as well, but I won't sit here and lie like I'll be making any big changes in that department just yet :)

What changes will you be making in 2011? What hair goals are you trying to achieve?

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  1. My hair goals this year is to retain length by detangling properly and keeping my ends protected with protective styles. I also would like to switch to all natuaral hair products this yr. I have already made the switch from Miss Jessies to Oyin handmade and i love the products and love the

  2. @Kesha Miss Jessies products are expensive, which is why I've never tried them. Sounds like you have a good hair plan! Good luck sis :)

  3. My hair goal for the year is to end the year with healthy hair that is both moisturized and strong! I ordered my first 300g of Cassia last week to help in this quest! I currently wear my hair in two strand twists most of the time using Oyin handmade products with the exception of Qhemet Biologics Amla and Olive Heavy Cream as my moisturizer. I hope this is a good year for my hair! I didn't take such good care of my hair last year and thus I had to chop a lot off last fall.

    KKQ your hair is absolutely GORGEOUS! And so inspirational! You go girl!

  4. @Anonymous you'll reach your goal sis, just stay focused on it. Good luck and please check later on in the year to give an update :)

  5. where do you buy the rhassoul clay?


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