Tiny Twists Update: Week 3

2:57 PM

Not much of an update this week because not much has changed since last week. I didn't even take any pictures...I know I 'm slacking right?!?  But I will say I've been experiencing some serious natural hair envy lately.  Seeing everybody rocking their hair loose in wash & go's, funky twistouts and braidouts.  Heck I'm even jealous of my niece's puff, can't keep my hands off of it lol!  No worries though after week 4 these bad boys are coming out and I'll loose and free too...So whateva!!

To suppress my urge to yank these out I think I"ll rod the ends like last time, for a cute curly switch up.  I'll let you now and take lots of pics if I do...See ya next week :-)

Here's my twists back in January after I rodded the ends....To see more pics click here.

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