Spotted: Solange, The Fro & The Music

12:18 PM

I love this chick!! Solange posted these of her and her writing partner Dev enjoying their California Mission, as they finish up her new album. I respect a chica who doesn't feel the need to pack on a ton of makeup for a picture. Just looking like yourself without the aid of a brush or wand is a beautiful thing. Her hair is a bit wild and untamed, but I think it's hot. And yes I am now aware that the 'fro is a fake, but it's a darn good fake so rock on Solo!

Here's a bit of what Solange writes about the new album...
"These are pics taken from the house I'm completing the album in. Me and Dev are pretty much finishing the touches on the writing side and I'm recording the final vocals. This house is amazing...."
For more pictures vist MyDamnBlog.
SideNote: Her last album was fiyah!! I have no clue why it didn't take off like it should have....

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