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First off let me say I L.O.V.E your blog!  It's so informative and organized with great updates!  I am currently in the process of transitioning, I am about 3 1/2 months post relaxer and it's getting harder to style my hair.  I have been getting it pressed once a month, to help better manage it while I'm in school.  Since classes are over this week, I would like to experiment more this summer.  I love your twist outs and was wondering if they will work on hair that is partially permed as well as natural??  Your results are amazing!  Also, do you have any other suggestions for protective styles, (no weave) while I'm transitioning?
Thank you! -Stacia

Hi Stacia

There are many style options for those in  transition, the possibilities are endless.  It really comes down to how creative you are.  Twists and twist outs, braids and braid outs are great style options whether full natural or not.  These styles stretch the hair and will give a continuous hair pattern to disguise the kinks and the straight hair.  To add sass to the look try Curly Nikki's twist and curl style, it will add fullness and give your straight ends more shape.  Flat twists, rod/roller sets and buns are a few other looks as well.

When I transitioned I didn't have a clue as to how to deal with the different textures growing from my head and as a result I just wore micro braids until I was ready to chopped the ends.  It wasn't until after I BC'ed that I discovered a ton of other ways I could have made my transitioning period more enjoyable lol! 

Below is a link to tons of transistioning  YouTubers doing style tutorials and reviews.  These ladies can show you better than I can type it so check them out!

Transitioning Styles http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=transitioning+styles&aq=8

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