Hair Update: Tweaking The Shape....Just A little Bit

7:10 PM

Just wanted let you guys know what my hair has been up to this week.  First off I snipped a couple pieces in the font to even out the bang area.  I've had some great growth in the front, but I can't stand when my hair hangs in my eyes.  Also so my right side tends to hang longer than my left side which is annoying for me to look at....So those pieces had to go.  It's not a drastic change to keep me happy for now, but I eventually want to get bangs professionally done like my girl Nisus...her hair is fab!  And I'm not to worried about it being uneven when strectched, because I don't plan on straightening my hair any time soon...

Right Side (the side that was cut) I used Giovanni Tee Tree Triple Threat Conditioner and Clear Eco-Styler Gel.

Left Side

All Dry and Evened Out!

After wearing my kinks out and loose for 3 days I pulled them up into a puff.... 

And yesterday I co-wash my hair with TIGI Curls Rock Conditioner,left a little bit in as a leave in and used La Bella Styling Gel to smooth the top and edges.  At night I banded the puff in the middle to give my hair some stretch and covered with a satin scarf....


How was your hair this week??

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