Love * Hate: Rihanna Goes Red!!

12:52 PM

Never saw this one coming!  Little Miss Sunshine has changed her look again.  She debuted her candy red locks at one of her many sold out tour stops and wowed her fans.  I guess its safe to say that whether you like her music or not this chick is FIERCE and can rock just about any look effortlessly.  I must say that while I absolutely love the color, I'm not so smitten with the cut.  Here are a few pics of Rihanna rocking out at The Summertime Ball in London and I have to ask do you love it or hate it??

Over the years Rihanna has had many color changes, which one was/is your fav?

Images courtesy of RihannaDaily.Com

  • Black (287 votes)
  • Blond (41 votes)
  • Red (10 votes)
  • Brown (33 votes)
  • She Can Do Whateva! (135 votes)

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