Strength Building Deep Conditioner

8:35 AM

Give some much needed strength to dull, weak tresses with this quick and easy at home recipe. 

1 tablespoon virgin olive oil - softens the hair and with regular use can help with hair loss
2 tablespoons honey - shine and moisture
1 tablespoon buttermilk - provides soothing and nourishing emollients
1 tablespoon natural unbleached flour - thickener


Blend all ingredients. Microwave the mixture for 30 seconds until hot. Stir in one tablespoon of natural unbleached flour to make a paste. Apply the warm paste to wet hair and allow the conditioner to set for 20 minutes Wash as normal.

**I've never tried this before but when I do I'll do a video review of course.  Have you guys tried this before?? And if have a recipe that you what like to share just send me a private message...Thanks.


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3 People Obsessing!

  1. Chile, you lost me on the buttermilk and flour. My DH is already mad at me for using our edible items for my hair. I'm plottin' on his avocados for a protein treatment while he's looking forward to enjoying some fresh guacamole!

  2. @ elzbrown, your comment had my laughing("you lost me on the buttermilk and flour") I'm with you on that. I look forward to reading your results KKQ. :)

  3. @elzbrown: Haha too funny! I do my DTs when my DH isn't home, that's so he doesn't know what I do!

    KKQ, I did this DT yesterday and my hair results were fab! I didn't like the smell (only because to me honey should be used in moderation), but after I covered it up, no worries ;-) So anyway, after I rinsed, it felt stronger, but not overly moisturized, but I continued with my normal routine...A little olive oil and HEHH. I put it up in a pony and tied it down for bed. When I woke up this morning, my hair was soft and actually sheeny! Now, this is a big deal cuz my hair has ALWAYS been dull. I was trying to get me some Cassia just to help with the dullness. I still may put that in, but this was great! Thanks! I also posted my comments on (DT challenge)


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