Today is the day I'll shave my head....HUH ???!!!???

8:57 AM

Who wakes up in the morning and says to themselves, " Today is the day I'll shave my head "....HUH????!!!???  What's really going on with celebs these days.  When Cassie first debut her skull to the world it was shocking and different but, now everybody is doing it.  My question is Who Rocked It The Best? 



Teyana Taylor

La La Vasquez

I'm sure there will be many more to follow....Thoughts ???!!

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14 People Obsessing!

  1. I'm still really unsure about this style. I'd say it would have to be between Cassie and La La. I like the designs. It gives the style more pizazz. One thing I do know, is that it will be interesting to see what styles they will do next when they finally decide to grow it out.

  2. I love RiRi's do the best, I think any short style fits her, I would never have the guts to do that though, lol.

  3. I'll have to say it's between RiRi and Teyana. Cassie looks better now that she's got something etched in the side of her head. At first she just looked crazy. I've always thought the whole head shaving thing was cool (even before it was cool to do it) and if I could get away with it, I would!

  4. Rihanna is rocking it best, in my opinion. She seems to be doing it with more style than the others. It looks good on her too--we've come to expect her to do this edgy stuff. Now, however, she looks like a copycat since all those other chicas have done it b4 her. They all look good, but RIHANNA just looks great. I've done several bc's since deciding natural is the way I want to be (over 10 yrs ago)--maybe I rocked it best!

  5. I think it's cool they're doing what they like, but this shaving thing is just a fad to me that a lot of people are going to follow now, and wake up the next morning and wish they had that side of their hair back. sb: um i'll just stick to transitioning with ALL of my hair lol. but it looks cute if done the right way...i guess lol [i think rihanna looks cool]

  6. I think Lala rocked it best! It still looks feminine
    Now everybody will be jumping on the shaved head bandwagon cause rihanna the "style icon" decided to finally remove her weave.
    Kelis however, did it best in 2006

  7. I agree with ppl. You're definitely gonna start see women in the streets with shaved heads. Personally I don't like it but some women can get away with it. Teyana and Lala's look cute. But it will be interesting to see what they do with it when they get tired of it. I guess a wig is always handy.

  8. I remember doing this back when I was in college....My mother hit the roof when she saw it. I'm a big girl now. I migt just try it again.

  9. None of them, lol. Cindy Lauper rocked this in the 80s. Remember her "Time After Time" and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" videos?

  10. its played out now that everyone is doing it

  11. In order to pull off a shaved head you've got to have the body and face frame. Although I think Rhianna is starting to look like Sid Vicious (not a good look) she can carry off crazy hair styles and still look beautiful.

    Damn her

  12. they all look cute, but of course, it's very faddish. soon everyone will have the half bald look and these stars will move on to something else. and of course they are all swagger-jacking 80's artist, and even for current times, raven samone was the first one to shave half her head back in 07.
    everything comes back in style i guess!

  13. Mymou (U're new suscribers on Youtube! lol)July 27, 2009 at 4:19 PM

    Me Giiiirl!!!
    I am sorry But I am like that!!
    I wake up in the morning and say I wanna shave my haiir!!!
    And I would if I didn't know my dad was going to kiiiill me!!!
    So what I do?? I cut them all the time!!
    I love U blog and U're vids (already told U this on Youtube!)

  14. to be honest all these celebs procably think they're all unique but they're just going along with a fad i much respect j*davey and kelis who have either had it for ages or done it years ago.cassie is doin this for attention cos he's got a new album it looks weird on her.dont care for this whole messy divorce with nas but KELIS is a TRUE style icon,some of the stuff se's done may be crazy but notice how other celebs copy her.


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