Q : Is it less frizz with braids than with twists? -Angel (Fotki)

3:15 PM

A lot of ladies ask me why don't I do twists instead of the braids and my answer is always because of frizz.  With my hair, like your daughter's, after washing just one time the twists are done.  I keep my braids in for at least a month and in that month I can wash my hair as many times as I like.  Towards the end of the month there will be some fuzz at the top but, I'll just cover my head with a scarf for a little bit and it will lay it down.  And another thing when you twist hair it will never be as tightly woven as a braid would be.  Braids keep the hair more tied together.  Also after I wash my hair and while it's still dripping wet I apply an oil ( Olive oil, Jojoba, etc) all over my hair. The frizz is not completely eliminated but it helps a lot.
Hope this helps

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