Today's Hair...Turban Edition

8:07 PM

All tied up! On a random and somewhat wasteful trip to Marshall's I came across this cute scarf under a pile of clearance junk. It has an "ethnic" with splashes of coral, teal, yellow and outlines of black. I love it! It's not too thick, the length and softness is perfect for head wrapping.
My hair underneath is a week old stretched braid-out, gathered up into a loose bun. The bangs are simply twisted loosely to the side and the ends were secured with bobby pins. 
This is a super easy look to disguise a bad hair day or to add a bit of funk to your everyday...same ol same routine.
I'm sure some are going to ask if I recorded a tutorial and the answer is yes! BUT the video came out terrible. The whole top part of my head was out of view and I was just yapping away without even noticing lol! I will rerecord, just not until next week, but in the meantime check out one of my fave vloggers, Taren916's scarf tying tutorial >> HERE!!

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7 People Obsessing!

  1. cute! I love turbans! I wish we could wear them to school.

  2. Lol at disguise a bad hair day, but I definitely feel you!
    Looks very cute, good job! Sorry about the video lol :P

    - Crystal
    Founder, Ishimma

  3. I came across your video on "You Tube" looking for tutorials on dreadlocks, and your twist outs were very inspiring. I'm going natural after seeing a coworker with some natural curly coils in her hair, and after I saw your twist outs, I want to wait a few more months to do those instead. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)) I have 4 inches of new growth of natural hair, and 6 inches left of permanent relaxer, I'm wearing Bantu Knots to work tomorrow! :-)

    Have A Bless week!!

  4. this looks great on you! love the side view.x

  5. i looove this wrap girl!

  6. Hey! I just tagged you on my blog! Check out my Q&A Tag with 11 Random Things post.


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