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7:24 PM

Name • Jennifer 
Age • 21 
Where • Ottawa, Canada 
Food • Meat (beef, pork, chicken, you name it) & Any types of pasta.. YUM! 
Fashion • Skinny Jeans, Flats & anything comfy! ^_^ 
The Net • Everywhere where Hair, Skin & Nails is discussed! Currently loving NaturallyObssesed, NaturalHaven, & Youtube videos :) 
Places • MIAMIII is where I was raised, but I live in canada now <3. I want to visit Hawaii, France, Kenya and much more. I LOVE travelling and I would travel more if I had the funds! lol 
Life • Currently in school studying Biochemistry (yuk.. lol). I am developing a STRONG interest in photography so I'm not sure if I am in the right program. 
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xoxo -Jennifer

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