Update On My Twisted Kinks

5:19 PM

My twists officially became 4 weeks old on Saturday (12/04) and they are still looking good. This is usually around the time that I begin to miss my loose hair and can't wait to get the twists out, but suprisingly I still enjoying them. My regime has been simple...Spritz my ends with water and seal the ends with Shea Butter or Bee Mine's Curly Butter every few days. Sometimes, not often, I oil and massage my scalp with a little Vatika Oil. This past weekend I went in on some pesky single strand knots that were bugging me and to keep it fresh looking I re-twisted some at the top and along the sides. Tonight I plan on setting my twists on perm rods, for a cute curly look...I'll be sure to take pics :)

What do you guys think of the new layout??

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1 People Obsessing!

  1. I know this post is a little old but I really love these mini braids and twists you do. I loved them so much I did them for my trip to DR this past week. It was perfect for the temp and constant wetting from beach and pool. One question though: How do you keep them looking so fresh? After washing what do you do to keep them looking new?


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