Hair Diary: Nicollette B.

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About Me....My name is Nickki and I am a natural hair lover, make-up nerd and a fashion addict!

Where do you live? How is the natural hair community there?

I live in NYC, the Bronx actually! There is a HUGE natural hair community here and you will see people of all ages rockin' their natural hair. New York really is an eclectic city so its easier for a person to push the limits on any view they have.....good or bad.

When and why did you decide to go natural?

I decided to go natural in March 2009. I went natural because I was tired to dealing with the burns, chemicals and the damaging effects that came with it. I basically had to mentally prepare for getting a relaxer and for at least 2-3 days after being careful of not getting my hair wet. It is a huge takeover in my life. So I transitioned for six months. I also decided at that time to document my natural journey on YouTube(nbuddington085 or NickkiBCurly723) and starting a blog ( Sooo many natural ladies are on twitter that helped me out...(Oh yeah! I am on twitter too--> @NickkiBCurly). I BC'ed on September 23rd 2009 and Ive been natural ever since!!

Were your friends and family supportive of your natural hair?

They were very supportive. I really did not get any opposition, because people that really know me knew that my style is always does my hair.. but no relaxer is going near my head!!

What is your current hair routine?

Everything I do to my hair is LOW maintenance. Either I do a wash and go or I will do a chunky twist out/braid out. Nothing complicated. My hair does not like anything too fancy at all. I was low maintenance when I had a relaxer so that attitude did not really change.. I think this my why my hair has grown soo fast..

Do you have any hair goals? If so, how will you achieve them?

I just want my hair to be bra strap length...Many natural girls I know want mermaid length hair or waist length hair. I don't need all that, that's too much for me. I just gonna let my hair grow to the length I an comfy with. I would like it mid shoulder blade length when my hair is in a wash and go state...bra strap length when straightened.  I finally found a hair products that my hair loves in its 3 states...

•Wash-N-Go's-Hair Rules Curly Line, Coconut Oil/Olive Oil and Eco-Styler gel w/ Olive Oil or KCCC
•Twist Outs/Braid Outs-Bee Mine Curly Butter, Coconut Oil/Olive Oil and Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar
•Straightened-Hair Rules-Blow Out Your Curls/Kinks/Waves and Coconut Oil/Olive Oil

Those are my staple products!

Describe your favorite go to hair style....

I have fallen in love with the chunky braid out. I co-wash my hair...deep condition and separate my hair in 12-16 sections..then braid my hair and secure the ends with foam rollers. Go under a bonnet dryer for 15 minutes and let it dry overnight. Take  foam rollers out, apply oil to my hair/scalp and unravel the braids...tease the roots of my hair and then I am done..

Curly girls have more fun because....our curls brings us confidence!!

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