Random Shots....The Twists Are Gone!

3:19 PM

FYI: The previous layout, with the polka dots, was acting a little strange and ever since I put that one up my adsense has disappeared! I can't figure out what the problem is so for now the old layout is back :(

OHHH SNAPP! I almost forgot...I'm offically 3 years natural this week!!! I chopped my relaxed ends off December 2007 and I don't have an exact date, but I know for sure it was within the last week of that month lol :) Yeah Me!!

Does anyone else have a "Naptural B-Day" coming up or one that just passed??

Reader Help: I've been thinking...I get a lot of tweet messages and emails about what my hair look like in various stages of my hair journey. And even though I tell people over and over to visit my fotki account ---> http://www.fotki.com/kinkykurlyqueen <--- they still ask. Soooo would you guys like if I did a "Flashback" feature, where I'll post a pic weekly and explain what my hair was like at that stage in my journey?? It would serve as inspiration and a reality check for those who think my hair just grew over night lol!

Tell me what you think...

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