Obsessed Mail: Micro Twists & Heat

12:43 PM

Nicole writes -

Hi, I love your YouTube channel and blog. I wanted to know do you blow dry your hair really straight before you twist? I have a problem with shrinkage with my twist. And do what product do you use to straighten if you blow dry? I've seen you and "Pretty Dimples" do the "mini" twist tutorial before, but I haven't been able to get my hair that straight. I don't want to use too much heat. I try my best to stay away from a lot of heat. Thanks for your time and I appreciate and enjoy you!!
Hi Nicole :)  When I blow dry my hair for twists, my goal is not to get my hair super straight. Just straight enough to make it easier and faster for me to twist. Regardless of how straight it is or isn't my hair hair always was shrinks up...no matter what. For instance when they are first done my twists sit at boob (tmi) length, but now at 3 weeks old they sit a little past my shoulder. I think of it like this, if my twists are NOT shrinking then I may have used too much heat lol! 
To blow dry my hair I first apply a leave in to wet freshly washed hair and grape seed oil on top of that. Allow the hair to air dry 60-65%, than apply a little more grape seed oil and begin to blow dry using the "Tension Method" on low heat. I hope this helps you,
♥ Shana

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