Video: Goodbye Raggedy Ends, Hello Happy Coils!

5:25 PM

I finally got around to snipping those pesky dry ends that I mentioned in my "Tension Blow Drying" video. This trim was wayyyy over due, but better late than never, right? So...early last Saturday (10/22) I gave a myself a trim by snipping off an 1/2 an inch all over. How did I do it you ask? Well, continue reading for a short video of me explaining the steps I took. I must warn you though, I was tired and not looking to cute AT ALL, so like a good neighbor please look past the bags under my eyes :) Enjoy!
**My twists will be 5 weeks old on Friday, not sure if I'll start the take down over the weekend or just wait until next week....I really don't want too though :(

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  1. nice! can you please do an addendum showing a twist and how much you trimmed? it's really hard for me to understand since it's coily and my hair is the same way. U are right about the health and keeping your ends healthy to get to the length goal. because of my fear of stylists i went a whole year without trimming my ends. it's not easy to trust ppl with your hair. when i did get it trimmed it was a little over 2 inches! ouch!

  2. You and your hair look gorgeous once again!! I completely feel you 100% about trying to maintain length over healthy hair and ends. I am very wary of keeping my ends moisturized, sealed, and protected. My last trim period lasted from December 2010 to October 2011. A whopping 10 months, and I still didn't feel the need to cut off more than 1/4 of an inch and let me tell you my hair feels Sooooooo GOOOOOOOD! lol My twists are starting to look like perfection again even though I didn't trim off that much. If I make it to April 2012 without another trim I will be able to check off my Hairsolution of only trimming my hair once for the entire 3rd year of me being natural! =D Next year? NO TRIMS AT ALL. lol

  3. I just trimmed my hair after about 10.5 months of not trimming. I was holding onto that length lol. I wish I had seen this video before I started, I straightened my hair with a maxiglide--which I just bought and LOVE btw-- because I couldn't tell how much I was snipping off with my coily hair (we have about the same texutres!)

  4. people think im crazy because im obsessed with trimming, even though i also want to grow my hair. results like this show that trimmed ends just look amazing after a good trim. can't have long unhealthy hair! and amazingly you have long and trimmed hair. You are proof that im not insane for trimming and growing my hair!

  5. @BreukelensFinest You get it! Having long hair is awesome, but when the ends of your hair are just knotted and split it looks a my opinion lol :)

  6. @Hxyzyn It's nothing wrong with straightening for a trim, that's actually how I usually do it. This time around I didn't feel like waiting until I had time to straighten, those ends were annoying me like crazy!

    @MsKraizy lol!

  7. I have quick question. So my hair grows at a normal rate but I can't seem to keep my ends healthy enough to retain length. Do you have any tips/suggestions?



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