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Product Description: This moisturizer lasts all day! Scented with calming lavender, it is present while applying to the skin but the scent then quickly fades away. Unlike heavy moisturizers, Mango Moisture Butter is so light that you're able to apply your make-up immediately after use. Does your hubby or special little guy in your life have dry skin? Mango Moisture Butter isn't just for us ladies. Men love it too! Sweet Almond Oil is easily absorbed by the skin, doesn't clog pores and leaves it supple. Grapeseed Oil combats dryness, soothes irritating skin and aides in preventing breakouts. 

Ingredients: Raw pressed mango butter, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil and lavender essential oil. 

Cost: 2 oz. jar $5.00 / 4oz. jar $11.00 @
My Thoughts: As the weather continues to get cooler it is so important that you keep your skin moisturized! I first was introduced to Belle Butters through one of my favorite Tumblr blogs, "HeyFranHey", and decided to the brand a try since I was in the market for an all-natural moisturizer. Everything in her online shop sounds amazing, if my money was in order that day I would have ordered a whole lot more lol! For my face I settled on the Mango Moisture Butter. Two of the main ingredients, Sweet Almond Oil & Grapeseed Oil, my skin already loves, I use these 2 and only these 2 to do the Oil Cleansing Method. They keep my skin in check! I also did some quick research and found that Mango Butter is excellent for blemishes, wrinkles, dermatitis and many other skin issues. I've been using Mango Moisture in my skincare routine for about 3 weeks and I absolutely love it!! It's a very light butter that penetrates easily into the skin without feeling greasy. The scent is also light and like the description states, it's not a lingering scent which I appreciate. If your looking for an inexpensive, all natural facial moisturizer to fight the chilly weather, definitely check out Belle Butters!
Along with a sample of Mango Moisture I also purchased a sample of the Mint Chocolate Butter. The smell....amazing!!! It smells just like mint chocolate chip ice cream! This butter can be used on both hair and body, with yummy ingredients like African cocoa butter, macadamia oil and peppermint oil. I haven't tested it out on my hair yet, but fresh out of the shower I love to apply it to my feet. It gives them a massage worthy feel lol!!

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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and was going to give this stuff a try until I saw the price went from 5 to 8.50 in a matter of 5 months! Ridic! NEVER mind 0.o Sounded like a good product but I don't want to get used to a product that has inflation like that. Pretty soon I wouldn't be able to afford it with that type of mark up!

  2. Thanks for the review, I think i'm going to try it out! I usually use Lush Celestial which is awesome, but costs around $25 for a little 1.5oz pottle.

    To malihunt - in comparison, this price is VERY reasonable. If she were charging any less, it probably wouldn't be worth it for her. It was probably a price adjustment, not an inflation that will happen regularly.


  3. I haven't tried a Belle Butter that I didn't like yet. I love that they are made from good quality ingredients but also that they are good for both hair and skin. I don't find the prices bad at all considering how long they last and I use them every single day. I can't even go back to lotions.


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