My Fab Braid Out!

3:45 PM

Last week after treating my hair to an awesome deep condition (Coconut Oil, AO Honeysuckle Rose & Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner) treatment, tried and without much thought I threw some medium sized braids in.  I wore the braids in an up-do for about 4 days and on Sunday night I took them down in preparation for a co-wash on Monday.  Halfway through unraveling them I caught a glimpse of my hair in my living room mirror and said to myself "That's HOT"!  No way was I gonna be washing this out.  When braiding my hair for a braid-out I usually do bigger braids for a wavier look, but I love the added definition that the smaller braids create.  My hair is bouncy and full just how I like it!!  I'll probably keep it like this until Thursday, it will be huge by

Twist Out on Sunday night...

Monday morning...

To braid my hair I used Vatika Oil and my favorite rinse out cconditioner turned leave in, Nubian Heritage Coconut & Papaya.   To moisturize through out the week I'll moisturize my hair and smooth my edges with Safi Avocado Shea Butter.  At night I simply cover with a satin bonnet and fluff in the morning.

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