In Review: 3 Strand Twists

6:39 PM

Instead of running back to my teeny weeny twists, I decided to try something new.  I've seen 3 strand twists before, but only the finished product, never could find a good tutorial on YouTube until I came across a demo by Chiselle Couture.  She made it seem sooo easy that I quickly pulled out a section of hair and began practicing.  After 1 or 2 ...ok maybe 10 tries I had it locked down, and couldn't wait to do my whole head. 

I co-washed my hair and sectioned my hair into 4 parts.  Applied Vatika Oil and Bee Mine Curly Butter, then began twisting one section at a time.  With one out of 4 sections done I was ready to call it quits.  I had to start over so many times, because my hands kept getting confused by the 3 strands and braiding instead of twisting.   But I was not about to let this style defeat me, so I continued on my journey to 3 stranded bliss.  Hours later ( I lost count) I was finished.  Since I don't like to wear my wet twist down, I grabbed some bobby pins and pulled it up.  Here's some pics....

Likes: Great alternative to regular twists and since I used 3 strands instead of 2 it kept my hair frizz-less longer.

No Likey: The twist-out was a disaster.  Next time I'll use a little bit more product for extra hold.  Not sure when that time will be, but I'll keep you guys posted.

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3 People Obsessing!

  1. would you be able to do a tutorial on three strand twists?

  2. Very lovely up-do...and of course...3-strand twists! I learned this method from youtube a few months ago and haven't done 2-strand since! They just hold up much better/longer for me. Love the thick "rope-like" effect of and the fact that there is hardly (if at all) any frizz for days and days! You definitely rock those gurl!

  3. Can I wash my hair without taking out the twist as can be done with dread locks.?


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