Teeny Weeny Twists Week #3

3:15 PM

Not much has changed since Week #2, but I did do a little more maintenance than previous weeks.  At the start of the week I moisturized my ends with Shea Butter as usual.  I even went on a mini search and destroy mission on some pesky single strand knots that were starting to bug me.  I hope to get them all out by the end of this week.  Then I gave myself a much needed scalp massage with Wild Growth Hair Oil.  Now I'm not big on growth aides and I don't believe using this product will end in an abundance of hair growth, but it does make my roots feel super soft....So I like it.  It has a funny smell though, so be sure to only use a few squirts.  Not much styling happen this week, but I did manage to do a really cute bun.  As you'll see in one of the pictures below the fuzz is beginning to creep in.  Its not a big deal though, the fuzz  just adds character....Right?!?

Here's a picture without flash...

 And here some pictures with flash... 


And here's a glimpse inside the bun..lol

Let's just say the roots look way better in picture than in reality..lol.  Sometime this week I'll upload these pictures and more to my Fotki page.  Today marks the start of week #4 and after this week these bad boys are coming out.  I'll give myself a few days rest and then I'm putting then right back in...I love my twists :-)

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