My Hair After Twists

1:03 PM

Taking the twists down was a breeze, so much easier than taking braids out.  I worked on each twist slowly with my fingers, carefully separating the hair and working through tangles.  If I came across a knot or if the hair was just too tangled to get with my fingers, I left it alone.  Trying to pull out knots on dry hair can be a frustrating and damaging ordeal.  Its best to tackle them once the hair is wet and soaked with conditioner.

After all the twists were out, I placed my hair into two ponytails, one on each side.  Hopped in the shower and began to rinse one section at a time.  Shampoo'ed with Elucence Moisture Benefits, focusing on the scalp and letting the suds cleanse the length of my hair.  I then loaded each section of hair with Suave Pro Sleek Conditioner (cheap and gives great slip) and then pinned the hair back up to let the conditioner set for 5 minutes or so.  This step allows the hair to soften and become more manageable, it makes the de-tangling process much easier.  Once my other shower duties are complete, I began the finger combing process.  The two sections are broken down into six smaller sections each (12 sections all together).  I saturated each of the twelve sections  with Lustrasilk Shea Butter Cholesterol Plus, gently finger combed and braided the hair to keep it from tangling anymore.  Covered my hair with a plastic cap and went to sleep.

In the morning my hair was soft and slippery, perfect condition for detangling.  One section at a time, I carefully went through with my Denman brush.  Starting from the ends and slowly working my way up to the roots.  Rinsed and then repeated until my hair was tangle free. 

When the entire process was done I was too tired to really style my hair and I didn't have plans so a Wash & Go, using the conditioner only method, was what I did.  With a little EVOO underneath I raked a small amount of Suave Pro Sleek Conditioner throughout  and let it air dry.  Midway trough the drying process I got bored and pulled my hair into a puff.

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