Get The Look : Rihanna's Sweater Swag

12:27 PM

This look was inspired by the always glam Miss Rihanna.  I love how she turn an over-sized sweater into a sexy mini dress and spiced it up with some very sexy pumps.  With all that being said, one must understand that this chick is a celebrity and can get away with walking down the street wearing only a sweater and heels.  Regular chicas not so much.  So to down play the sexiness just add a simple white dress underneath and add some color to give it some life.

A more modest look for the everyday woman.

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  1. I personally think this look is perfect for the everyday woman, depending on where she is going. A sistah like me would so rock this. I also think it depends on your personality. This is a great idea come the cooler months or even some cool Summer nights.


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