Amanda Diva ... It's Diva Diva Ya'll

5:04 PM

This chick is awesome. I love her style, her voice, and of course her gorgeous hair. Her YouTube videos always keep me LMBO and informed about the latest celebrity news/gossip. Get to know her.

A few words from her website, ...

"There is an abundance of artists on the planet, writing, singing, producing, etc.  But there are only an elite few that stand out.  She's known to rock a lot of neon colors but that's not what sets Amanda Diva a part form the crowd .  Her uniqueness lies in her uncanny ability to always be herself but ardently feel the emotions of others and articulate them vividly and honestly through music that excites, ignites, and tears the roof off of any venue she sets foot in."

Here are just a couple of her YouTube videos. If you haven't subscribed to her channel yet, you are surely missing out.


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