WC : Do You Know Where Your Weave Came From?

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Probably NOT.  This is for all the ladies who love to wear weaves ever now and then or in some cases all the time.  It is not intended to put down or ridicule those of you who do wear them but, to educate you on where yours may have come from.  Before deciding to go natural and during my transition I wore weaves all the time.  For me it had nothing to do with "self hate" or wanting to be white but, I wore them to give my hair a break from constantly flat ironing and all the other bad things I used to do to my hair.

I don't know if all weaves are manufactured in this manner.  So my advice is, if you do choose to wear a weave do your proper research. 

Watch and Discuss !! ( Skip to 0:49 )

The opinions in the intro of this video are solely those of the owner. The actual clip used is from a BBC documentary called "Whose Hair Is It Anyway" starring UK superstar Jamelia.  I had no luck finding the entire program on-line but, I did manage to find a website that gives you a complete run down of what took place.  DailyMail.com check it out when you can.


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  1. When I saw this I was very proud that a celebrity stood up and said No more! I had a hard time wearing weaves with a clear conscience after I saw and read this.. I have stop wearing weaves but, I don't know if I can get rid of wigs completly b/c of my chosen profesion but, I def. don't want anything that someone sacrificed for the wellness of their families.. As major consumers of "black" hair products I def. beleive we should become more educated and responsible in our consumption...and as a result we can stop unethical production of the products.. Their is also a documentary on how most of what is marketed as "black" hair care products is far from what is healthy for OUR hair.

  2. Great and informative vid. I must say I love your blog but have never been moved to comment until now. While I do believe all exploitation to be wrong if research is done into religious exploitation tears will flow and anger will follow but what do we really do about it? I included myself in that statement. At least these women leave bodies intact and with religious comfort from there faith. They don't know the fate of there hair. I never wore or wear weaves but was relaxed. I feared being "found out" like weaves are a lie. As the BF says "it aint cute if it aint yours" running fingers through tracks is so UNSEXY!!! My natural TOUCHABLE hair is sexy!!! Hair is just hair. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE my hair (hence my love for your this blog) but why do we cry, like shead real tears, when a women shaves her head? ITS HAIR!!! What about the virgings who are raped, killed or butchered in the name of religion? That Makes me cry. The hair will grow back.

  3. I must be missing the point. Don't wear weaves because someone is offering the hair to "pagan" gods?! In the Indian woman's mind, removing her hair allowed her to provide for her family, and in all seriousness I don't understand the connection between her reasoning for removing the hair and the subsequent purchase of hair by weave-wearers, especially where there is no abuse involved. I thought this video would document women being physically forced to remove their hair; instead it illustrates that it allows women from poorer countries to have choices to provide for their families. This video is silly. There are more important issues. And, it is disrespectful to people of other religions and cultures. Moreover, I pretty sure that the intent of the the individuals who manufacture the clothing Jamelia wears or the ingredients of products that she uses is considerably more malacious. This video was a waste of space.

  4. Indeed, and as I had not realized

  5. Wow, now that's deep and since I'm a student of the Bible, the author's comments made a lot of sense. Satan uses so many deceptive tactics to trick humankind into serving him rather than our loving Creator. We who hope are servants of His have to be careful and alert to the one who walks around like a lion, always seeking to devour us spiritually.


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